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Interview With Sam Goodman of OOSImaginary
July 1, 2010, 5:41 am
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OOSImaginary Performances and Workshop

-The show is still very much improvisational, but we’ve shaped it into a two-act structure, with an intermission in between. All together, it runs about 90-100 minutes. We have been ambivalent about titling it, but we may decide to shortly, in which case I’ll let you know. Without going into the details, it involves a lot of improvised dancing, original music (cello, guitar, percussion, singing, trumpet, & electronic), original text (both prerecorded & spoken), an old hunched curmudgeon, a garden of junk, cardboard boxes, motor oil cocktails, & Oscar Wilde.

I met Teddy in 2006 at Oberlin College & Conservatory, when we were both students there (I studied composition & he studied Cello Performance) We worked together quite a lot while we were students, in musical, dance, & improvisational settings. After graduating in 2009, we moved into a beautiful 4000 sq. ft. loft called the Archer Ballroom in Chicago, with intentions of creating a live-work-performance space.

In September 2009 I met Lisa at the Chicago Contact Jam and we have been collaborating closely ever since.

In January 2010, the three of us coalesced into OosImaginary and since then we have been actively performing and teaching.

The idea for the summer tour came relatively recently (In April) at a point when all three of our summer plans were somewhat up in the air. We had just seen the John Jasperse Company perform in Chicago at the MCA (Teddy actually performed in the show) and we all came away really inspired to keep working, but also definitely needing a break from Chicago, so we made a somewhat spontaneous decision to make a tour happen this summer, and ever since that point we’ve been working really hard to make it happen. We actually just had our first performance in Louisville tonight, so its already rolling. We have venues booked in Louisville, Nashville, Conway (AR), Denver, Salt Lake, Missoula, Seattle, Portland, & Ventura, but the idea behind the tour is to perform every day in some capacity, so we are also planning on doing a lot of guerilla/street/outdoor performance in addition to the venue shows.


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