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physical theater at Sugar Space
May 23, 2010, 7:08 pm
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Riot Act, a Wyoming based company, is bring the Bogeyman, their physical theater work in June as part of Sugar Space presents.

But what is physical theater?
Good old wikipedia will tell you that physical theater is a mode of story-telling which deviates from traditional theater through a very specific use of the body to amplify the story being told. Now that’s pretty vague but it also goes on to describe that this umbrella holds a lot of popular forms we are familiar with. Physical theater can range from a more-traditional play using conventions of choreography to change the way the story is told to very specific forms like Butoh. One of the most popular physical theater combines is England based DV8. Below is an excerpt from their film “The Cost of Living.”

Where will Riot Act fall in the spectrum of physical theater? Closer to their show date we can post video from their past work and ask them to define their own branch of physical theater. In the meantime feel free to post your own favorite physical theater videos or talk about companies you’ve seen.

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Hi. I’m the director of Riot Act, Inc. and also one of the many collaborators of this project.

The Bogeyman was born in the spring of 2009. Dancers’ Workshop brought Joe Good’s Wonderboy show to Jackson. A group of us were inspired by this fun dance/theatre piece. Margaret Breffeilh, choreographer/dance, Micheline Auger, playwright/actor, and I, director/actor, began to meet and brainstorm ideas for our own dance/theatre piece. After exploring different ideas, we settled on The Bogeyman. We met with several different artists in rehearsals and created this unique play. While we do follow a script, the story is also told through physicality.

We are also proud to have utilized artists from many different disciplines. Thomas Woodhouse, a visual artist, created our masks, Christina Croxell and Macey Mott created costumes, musicians Jason Fritts, Justin McCalla, and Chris Towles infused original music.

Comment by Macey

We will have a feature article and photos about the play in the JH Weekly on Wed. Check it out at We will also be listed in the City Weekly’s events section with a photo.

Comment by Macey

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